Older Sister Brings Brain Cancer Battling Sis To Prom Because “She May Never Get The Chance”

Older Sister Brings Brain Cancer Battling Sis To Prom Because “She May Never Get The Chance”

Neve Nixon is a 16-year-old teenager who shared the spotlight on her prom night with her 3-year-old sister Lana Nixon after their parents were told that the cancer of the 3-year-old girl cannot be cured.

Both of the parents, Gemma Nixon and Andrew Hasswell, decided to quit their jobs in order to make their time count with their daughter after they received the news.

The mom said that it was particularly emotional to see Lana in her prom dress after a few months spent in hospital pajamas.
The mom from Hetton-le-Hole, Sunderland, U.K., told Chronicle Live that it was very emotional for them to be together as a family and for the little girl to be a part of her sister’s special day.

The mother added that the girl loved the car and she said that her and Neve were princesses that day.

It was very emotional for her, though, to see Lana looking so well and in a lovely dress, especially after months in hospital pajamas. It has been truly heartbreaking for the parents and their older children to watch their loved one bravely battle against cancer.
Gemma added that Lana deserves the world for all she has endured, as she was resilient and very tough throughout it all, and she would just accept it all. Yet, the girl still found time to smile, laugh, play, and love.

This time last year, 2-year-old Lana was just a happy and healthy child with no concerns.

She started to get sick a few times at the end of September 2018, and her condition began to get progressively worse. She had struggles walking, and she lost half a stone because of her constant vomiting. Doctors had passed it off as a common virus, water infection, or a possible stomach problem, but an MRI scan in November showed that there was a large mass on Lana’s brain and she needed urgent treatment.

Lana had her first major brain surgery less than 24 hours later, but she was back on the operating table to undergo a second surgery just a few days later.
She had her third surgery a few weeks later in order to fit a reservoir so she would receive chemotherapy directly into her brain. However, a few weeks after Lana’s surgery and biopsy, the family received the news that Lana’s tumor was very rare, very aggressive, and with a very high chance of return.

The family’s friends have since set up a JustGiving page in order to reduce the family’s financial burden, especially after both parents quit their jobs to help give Lana what she might need, or at least make lasting special memories.


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