Overworked Doctors And Nurses Are BEGGING People To Stay Home And Save Countless Lives

Overworked Doctors And Nurses Are BEGGING People To Stay Home And Save Countless Lives

Many Americans have adjusted their life to social distance themselves from others, stay at home and away from other humans as much as possible, and only go out if you have an urgent need. However, not everyone understands what it means to “flatten the curve”, and healthcare workers have a very important message for the people that haven’t.

The message is very simple: Stay at home!
If you’re able to, stay at home and away from other people. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least do it for the elderly and the people with chronic diseases. Do it for all the doctors and nurses who are literally working 24/7 and are putting their own lives and the lives of their families in danger to take care of the people who are infected with the COVID-19 disease. Every hospital in the country is currently preparing for a wave of coronavirus infected patients, and medical experts hope that Americans will do what it needs to be done to keep that wave from becoming a tsunami. And our task is very, very simple: Stay. Home.

Doctors and nurses have been encouraging people to abide by the recommendation from the CDC and the White House, and pretty much everyone else, and stay at home as much as possible.
Dr. Ahmed Rabea is a physician that recently shared a selfie with a powerful sign that reads: “I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us!”.
He asks all Americans (and basically everyone else in the world) to take action and slow the spread of the virus as much as possible. The healthcare in the U.S. will be overwhelmed in the coming weeks with more and more critically ill patients if we fail to do this, and hospitals will not be able to handle all those patients. There won’t be enough hospital beds, there won’t be enough ventilator machines, and healthcare workers might need to ‘choose’ who to save.

As sad as it is, Italy has already shown the world what happens when people don’t take the virus seriously early enough. Their hospitals have been overrun by critically ill patients, and healthcare workers are struggling with having to decide which patients to treat, and which patients to leave to their fate (and we all know what that means).

Italy’s population is a bit older than the U.S., but Italy has more hospital beds and doctors per 1000 people than the U.S. has, which means that the same thing can happen here.

An Italian nurse Irene recently shared a selfie, holding a sign that reads “Those who think ‘It will not happen to me’ will be next person to be infected!!! Stay at home!!!”.
Irene also wrote about the emotional toll the coronavirus crisis is taking in the country.

And another nurse, this time from the U.S., shared the message that everyone needs to hear, and pointed out once again that “It’s not just about you”. Check out what nurse Ashley Barton, who is literally on the front lines, had to say about the situation:


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