Oxford University IT Expert Says “Female Students Dress Like Hookers”

Oxford University IT Expert Says “Female Students Dress Like Hookers”

An Oxford so-called expert called out women who “dress like hookers” at black-tie events and said that they shouldn’t wear tight clothes if they have “tummies”.

Dr. Peet Morris is a former statistics lecturer at St. Hilda’s College who, reportedly, made the provocative comments in a tweet that has since been deleted.

He even defended his views by saying that he’s old, even though, according to his Twitter profile, he’s not older than 45.

The Oxford Student reports that he also referred to trans people as “the genders of flake” and said that “as a man he certainly feels an ever-increasing level of sexism and misandry against him”.

The exchange about women’s clothes took place after another academic discussed the term “black tie”.

Dr. Morris was, apparently, mourning the supposed lack of respect for black-tie traditions, and said that “some people these days have no idea what it means. Men turning up in lounge suits, women turning up dressed like hookers. Yes, I’m old” – he said.

Another academic, Dr. Ben Britton, cricitized his remark, and wrote on Twitter that saying “I’m old” is a very c*** excuse.

He wrote:

“Either rationalize the defense of your position, or listen to the others talking. ‘It’s tradition’ is weak, if the tradition is for tradition’s sake.”

According to students, the academic’s comments were very sexist and inappropriate.

To add to that, Dr. Morris reportedly wrote that “Boris was right” when the Prime Minister wrote that Muslim women look like “letterboxes”.

According to the University of Oxford, however, he is NOT a university or college academic and instead, he provides “ad hoc ITV services”.
A document published on his own blog previously, though, described him as “a college lecturer in statistics” at St Hilda’s College.

A spokesperson from Oxford University has told MailOnline that Peet Morris is NOT an Oxford University or college academic, and he holds a casual contract for services, delivering computer programming training with the IT Services department on an ad hoc basis, normally two to three days a term.

They added that the University embraces diversity amongst its members and constantly seeks to promote awareness of equality and foster good practice, and all members of the University community are expected to act in accordance with this policy and its values.


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