‘Pajama Mamma’ Shamed For Wearing PJs On School Run, Hits Brilliantly At Haters

‘Pajama Mamma’ Shamed For Wearing PJs On School Run, Hits Brilliantly At Haters

Parenting is tough. It seems like everyone judges your parenting skills, based on their own opinions and views. From what you feed your children to the toys you buy or the stuff you let them watch on YouTube – some people feel entitled to judge your parenting skills and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.

However, it turns out that some would go that far to judge your parenting skills based on what you choose to wear for the school run.
Jodie Palmer is a mom of three that recently sparked a heated debate after she shared a photo of her wearing her pajamas when dropping off her children at school. The 34-year-old said that she’s proud to wear her PJs, but she was slammed with comments saying that she’s ‘lazy’, ‘disgusting’, or even ‘dirty’.

The mom decided to hit back at the haters by saying that wearing PJs outside doesn’t make her a bad mom, and notes that the only people who should be ashamed are those judging her.

The ‘pajama mama’ said that the photo (that has since been deleted) was taken after a rough night with her one-year-old, and she woke up late so she didn’t have time to get dressed.

“People might look at me and just assume I’m lazy or have no pride in myself or I’m a bad example to the kids. But I am the complete opposite. I had been up pretty much all night with my one-year-old son. I had less than a couple of hours broken sleep but I still got up, got my kids ready for school and got them to school on time.
I just didn’t have time for me, but that’s ok because my priority is them, not how I look to strangers.” – the mom noted.

Although she received some negative reactions to her post, she said that she’s strong enough to shrug it off. She added that she works two jobs, is self-employed, and she believes we should be praising moms who are juggling more than ever these days – and not shame them for trying to do their best.

Source: Mirror.co.uk


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