Parents Completely Disown Their Daughter After Discovering She Is A Lesbian

Parents Completely Disown Their Daughter After Discovering She Is A Lesbian

Same-sex relationships, marriage, adoption, and everything in between are, fortunately, becoming more and more accepted, understood, and celebrated in today’s world. However, there are still people in this world, even in the Western world, that still isn’t too happy about the idea of letting two people live as they want to.

Emily Scheck’s parents are a prime example of this. When they discovered that their daughter is a lesbian, they disowned her completely, and they told her that she should either quit her university and get a conversion therapy, or get cut off completely.

The 19-year-old is currently studying for a business degree, and she refused to quit her school and go to conversion therapy, which made her homeless and broke.

When her parents saw a photo of Emily and her girlfriend in August and they discovered that she was a lesbian, they even removed the registration plates from her car and refused to pay the insurance.

Her dad drove to Canisius College in Buffalo a few days later, a school where she is on a partial athletic scholarship, and he took all of her personal belongings, clothes, photos, and even her birth certificate there.

Emily shared a text message from her mother which read:

“Well, I am done with you. As of right now, you declare yourself independent. You are on your own. Please don’t contact us or your siblings…. Because you disgust me.”

One of her friends set up a GoFundMe page for her so people could help her financially support herself, but the campaign meant that she was no longer eligible for a scholarship, and she was disqualified under the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules.

However, Emily and Grace have decided that they will no longer be on the Canisius College’s running programmes, and they thanked everyone for their support and love.

The GoFundMe page has been closed after it raised $100,515, and more than 2,500 people donated in just 14 days. It has also been reported that the NCAA was “currently reviewing all options”, and have updated the rules so that she can compete using the donation money to support herself independently.

Grace wrote on the final update on the GoFundMe page that Emily has now more than enough money to replace the financial support her parents will no longer give, and that Emily will be back running on the Canisius track team next season.

Well, as it turns out, Emily’s parents have actually enabled her to receive all the love and support she could have needed when they decided to stop her from being who she is.


The things removed from her dorm room, such as her clothing, were given to her and are her property. Daddy can be charged with burglary and felony theft. If I was her I’d be calling the cops.

Emily & Grace, mine and my later partner’s parents did the same thing to us. You are not alone. Hugz! No matter how it looks now you will come out stronger in the end. Perhaps one of these days they will realize what they had and threw away. In the meantime you have friends that love and care about you, you can’t buy that. As such you are a lucky girl. Take care, hon!!!

Karen, that’s exactly what I was thinking (about the theft). She is an adult and those things are her property.

No, he didn’t take her stuff OUT of her dorm room, he took everything of hers that was still at home and drove it to her college to dump it all IN her dorm room, eager to get every trace of her out of their home.

My parents did the same thing about 25 years ago. Including taking not only everything they considered they’d ever given me, but also a lot of my other possessions too. I will always miss my siblings, (something I will never recover from), but I’m better off without my ‘parents’.

Captain Geoff Bruce

I was father confessor as a straight captain running gay reef trips in Key West. A regular was one of Reagons scripteiters. I asked how a gay could be a Republican? “My parents are are Republican.”
“So they don’t know your gay and you don’t have a real relationship with them.”
Three month later, sitting with me at the helm he said “I told them.”
I was agahst. He was looking sad, I felt terrible.
“What happened?”
“Mum threw her arms round me. Dad did the same and said we always knew but didn’t know how to bring it up and are you bringing him home for Christmas?”
He giggled at the deception of sadness he played on me – I wiped a tear from my cheek. He hadn’t been rejected.
All these years later, the gay marriages I performed as a sea captain (good for the duration of the voyage) thirty plus years ago are now so commonplace.
But Republicans and many religions are still evil in trying to control others and creating sadness.

I would welcome you in my family any time. Your beautiful and God made that way.🥰🥰🥰

I am so sorry lady. Not going to make this about me. I’m just so sorry. Just know you have a community. And we love you.

May the parents rot in hell

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