People Applaud Adele’s Weight Loss In Her Recent Photo, But Are They Being Fatphobic?

People Applaud Adele’s Weight Loss In Her Recent Photo, But Are They Being Fatphobic?

Adele, one of the biggest and brightest music stars in the world, was about to release another album in 2020, before the world was turned upside down by coronavirus.

We literally can’t wait to hear Adele’s new music, and we believe it will make a nice change in the world, especially from people that still judge her appearance every time she posts a photo of herself on social media.

Yes, there has been a heated discussion about Adele’s weight in recent months, and people have now been discussing this topic yet again after she posted a photo on her Instagram profile to mark her 32nd birthday. Adele used the opportunity to thank the NHS first responders and every key worker in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Almost expectedly at this point, this photo of Adele caused a stir on the internet, as she looks slimmer than we’ve ever seen her appear in the past. The 32-year-old British singer also announced her separation from her ex-husband in October 2019, and people were quick to praise her “revenge body”.

People on the internet have been praising her “glow up” and her “flex” in transforming her body so much, despite the fact that she has never commented on the matter herself.

The thing is, though, that even though it’s nice to compliment people on their appearance, and we believe that people who praise Adele have the best intentions, the issue remains that we shouldn’t jump into conclusions about what’s happening in someone’s life. After all, we don’t know this person personally, and even though weight loss is often considered to be a positive thing, we’re not the ones who should be judging.

This is what journalist Adwoa Darko wrote in The Independent back in October 2019:

“The underlying premise behind the reaction to Adele’s photos was a) the assumption that her ‘old’ body was ‘wrong’ and b) that she made a deliberate and ‘healthy’ choice.

Adele could be happy, healthy and intentionally trying to lose weight. But why do we continue to comment on people’s bodies without knowing context? How can we be sure that a ‘compliment’ is not fuelling or validating a potential crisis?”


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