People Applaud Mom Who Pushed Lorry Up Snowy Hill

People Applaud Mom Who Pushed Lorry Up Snowy Hill

A recent video that was shared on the Fife Jammer Locations Facebook page showed a heroic mom pushing a lorry up the hill in a snowy town in Fife, Scotland. The mom has since been dubbed ‘a tank’.
Charlene Leslie is the mom of three that was seen pushing a Graham’s Diaries milk lorry up a hill during a blizzard. This is what the video caption said:
“Just your average Cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill,”

The video has sine been liked more than 3,000 times, and it racked up more than 2,000 comments.

The mom has since been awarded a year’s supply of free milk as a thank you from Graham’s for pushing the lorry. In an interview with The Sun, she said that the lorry was in trouble when she was out shopping with her kids, so she rushed to help.

“I would never just stand by when I see someone in trouble. I suppose what I did was really dangerous, but thankfully the Graham’s truck got safely up the hill.
In the moment I wasn’t really thinking about me, I just wanted to help. A load of people were trying to push a car up the hill when I noticed the Graham’s truck coming behind it. Its front wheels were spinning, and it was stuck from all the snow.
My neighbour appeared, so I asked her to watch the kids and the dog while I pushed it from the back. Eventually it made it safely to the top.
I cannot believe all the attention I am getting for what I did. I simply believe that it is your duty to help others if they are in trouble.” – she said.

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