People Are Criticizing Jason Momoa For Having A “Dad Bod”

People Are Criticizing Jason Momoa For Having A “Dad Bod”

As we all know, nobody is safe on the internet, not even the mighty Jason Momoa.

Believe it or not, the God among humans was body shamed by internet trolls after a shirtless photo of him was leaked on social media. Trolls started hating on the 39-year-old Aquaman, but it wasn’t before long that his fans stepped in to defend their beloved star.

This was the “leaked” photo of him from his vacation in Venice:

And this is how the Internet trolls reacted to it:

However, it looks like the actor doesn’t care about the comments at all, and he keeps posting photos of his vacation.

Momoa’s colleague Henry Cavill, who got to play Superman, has talked about the high expectations that come along playing a superhero.
He once told The Guardian that there’s a blessing with playing Superman, but there’s also the curse that any time you take your shirt off, people expect you to look like Superman.
People, however, were determined not to let the trolls win, and they made sure to defend their beloved star:


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