People Are Divided Over Mother Who Still Takes Baths With Her Pre-Teen Sons

People Are Divided Over Mother Who Still Takes Baths With Her Pre-Teen Sons

Probably every parent out there has a different opinion on when should we let our kids do daily tasks on their own.
However, there are some things that parents do that will simply shock you!

Even though some of those stories are actually pretty ‘normal’, the next story will definitely raise some eyebrows.

Lauren Libbert takes baths with her 10 and 11-year-old sons as a “family tradition”, and says that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that we need to be more open with our children.

She told This Morning that if they’re happy with it, “they’ll have a bath together maybe once a week, and it’s something they all enjoy”.
She said that this was the way she grew up too, and bath-time was an opportunity to spend more time with her mother.

Lauren said that she believes it’s really natural, as there’s nothing more natural “than being without your clothes in the privacy of your own home”.

And while we have no idea what her preteen sons think of it, the mother said that they’re fine with it and are very comfortable with it.

Most of the people that were listening to the live show, however, were absolutely in shock by this.
Many people thought that been naked so openly in front of your children can lead to confusion about that.

Others thought that it’s OK to be naked around your children, but bathing with them at this age is just wrong.

Another user wrote that these two poor boys will probably be taunted in school now after their mom revealed this to the whole nation, and others pointed out that more people would see the problem with this if the genders were reversed.

However, probably the most shocking of her statements was when she said that her boys have “definitely become more intrigued with her body as they’ve grown older”, and they have been asking more questions.

Lauren concluded by saying that if they start having issues with it, she will take their lead, because they’re all comfortable about it.

What’s your opinion on this one? What’s the right time to stop bathing with your children?


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