People Are Slamming This Mom For Dyeing And Shaving Her Daughter’s Hair

People Are Slamming This Mom For Dyeing And Shaving Her Daughter’s Hair

Children are imaginative and creative creatures, and the 6-year-old Lyra is no exception!

When she dreamed up her ideal hairstyle, it involved a collection of bright rainbow colors, of course.

Mary Thomaston, her mother and a hair stylist herself, eventually agreed to give her daughter the permission and grant her wish to have a unicorn-inspired hairstyle. The mother herself dyes her hair in different shades and colors, and she had done “confetti” and “unicorn” styles on her clients, so Lyra was not the first “customer” she would be doing the unicorn hairstyle.

Mary considered many issues before styling the long, blonde hair of her daughter into a unique shade of turquoise blue with a colorful flower design on the side.

Even though the color is temporary, the mother worried about shaving her daughter’s hair and coloring it without her school’s permission.

She tells that all she had to do was add the temporary color, because her natural hair is already really light. She tried to talk Lyra out of the shaved side, but the girl was very excited about it.

Lyra even had a photoshoot with her mom’s friend, and the 6-year-old absolutely loves her hair and her photos. The photographer said that she is a very smart, funny, and unique kid, so her hair is definitely a representation of her.

However, the unique hairstyle did not come without criticism from the public. While the teachers at the school had no problem with it, Instagram users were not so keen about the idea. Many people commented on Mary’s post that the mom should not have allowed her daughter to dye her hair, that Lyra is way too young, and that such decisions should only be allowed to be made in adulthood.

Mary, however, thinks otherwise. She thinks that it’s hypocritical to say those things, because when grown-ups dye their hair like that, people say that such things are for children. And when a child does it, they say it’s for adulthood. She thinks that kids should be allowed to have fun while they’re young.

“When you think about it that way, it’s actually the perfect time to let them experiment with color.” – she adds.


It’s just hair. It will grow out and the colors will change. It’s not permanent!
She’s a cutie!

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