People Rally Behind This Mom Who Refused To Raise Her Child

People Rally Behind This Mom Who Refused To Raise Her Child

Parenting is definitely a challenge, and some people find it more difficult than others, especially when the child is just a mere baby. Changing diapers, sleepless nights… the trials and tribulations of being a parent can take a toll on any person. Add being a single parent to that, and things immediately got ten times harder.

A single dad that is raising an 18-month-old son decided to share his troubles on Reddit, seeking for legal advice on making the mother of his son take care of the child. He explained his situation, and he focused on his ex-girlfriend and the choices they both made. He went on to call her a “deadbeat mom”.

Even though he asked for a legal advice, he got more than he bargained for. Scroll down to check out how the full story went on, and tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

People indeed responded, but not as he had expected:


This is straight up reproductive coercion. That woman put her body on the line, her health was affected, her very lifespan shortened. He, like many men, don’t want children so much as power over women. He was trying to babytrap her. IMO she should have aborted, but I’m not a very nice person. I just can’t see putting all the time and effort into gestating in an overpopulated world for a complete jerk of a wanker. He has his child. And he doesn’t like it. Boo. Hoo. Hoo. Oh, hell, I’ll just say it. That stupid woman should have aborted for the good of the gene pool. The world does not need the offspring of a jerk like that daddydumbass. It’s no wonder that his own family won’t help him. That poor kid. Nature or nurture, he’s doomed.

Well said, Elizabeth. He thought he was going to trap her and it didn’t work, so now he’s whining that she avoided his traps, including in court.

I would not have told him in the first place and would have had the abortion. He had no need to know at that point. So telling him was her first mistake. The second was allowing him to talk her out of an abortion. She was trying to play fair with a manipulative abuser. I have no doubt he’ll continue to try to coerce her into unwanted parenthood so he can remain in her life and in control of her life. This is a form of stalking, IMO, and stalkers are hard to get rid of.

I’m glad people who responded to him laid out the truth. I suspect he’ll find a way to get rid of the child once he’s realized she really isn’t going to raise the child and allow him to force his way into her life on a permanent basis.

She clearly does not want anything thing to do with this little boy, so why would you want her to be in his life? This was a decision you made and now you’re finding out how difficult raising a child can be. I feel sorry for this child, his mother didn’t want him and now, it seems, his father is tired of him.

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