“Polar Opposite” Sisters And Their Homes Will Make You Wonder How Is This Even Possible

“Polar Opposite” Sisters And Their Homes Will Make You Wonder How Is This Even Possible

Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant are two sisters from Detroit who don’t look alike at all, and they have taken Twitter by storm with their tweet that has been liked more than 680k times!

It all started when Alexandria decided to upload a series of photos that show just how different her sense of style is compared to her sister’s, and their homes look totally opposite of each other.

Alexandria wrote that she and her sister are polar opposites, and she can be seen wearing dark clothing, looking serious and rocking dark hair. Her sister, however, rocks rainbow-colored hair, and her smile is brighter than the sun.
Check out the post for yourself below:

Not only their looks, but their homes are absolutely on the opposite sides. While Jessica’s home is vivid and colorful, even featuring an inflatable pool with a floating unicorn, Alexandria’s home features a “Go Away” mat and a mini-coffin.

Alexandria’s home also features a shower curtain with a bat, many skulls, movie posters, and plenty of geeky items.

Her post gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time, so she decided to share even more photos of herself and her sister Jessica:

Alexandria told BuzzFeed that she wasn’t expecting her post to get that much popularity, but she admits that the most surprising things go viral.

She also noted that the differences between her and her sister might be due to their age difference, which is 8 years.

Many people on Twitter loved her post, and they posted many comparisons in response:


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