Police Officer Tackles Grandma With Dementia While Picking Flowers

Police Officer Tackles Grandma With Dementia While Picking Flowers

Karen Garner is an elderly grandmother from Colorado that is suing the police after she was thrown to the ground by officers and arrested as she was picking up flowers. The incident left Garner with broken bones, bruises, and severe trauma.
As it turns out, she was forcefully tackled to the ground by Loveland police officer Austin Hopp.
The officer had been following the 73-year-old grandma in his patrol car as she was accused of shoplifting from Walmart.

According to Garner’s family, she managed to slip out of the shop while they weren’t looking and accidentally took a bottle of Pepsi, a t-shirt, and some wipes – even though she hadn’t paid for them.

The distressing bodycam footage from the officer’s camera has since been uploaded on YouTube, and it shows the moment Hopp tacked the grandma.

The lady has a dementia and sensory aphasia, which makes her unable to understand spoken and written speech.

The officer can be heart shouting:
‘You just left Walmart. Do you need to be arrested right now?’

You can find the distressing video below:

A passerby asked the officer if he needed to use that much force, to which he didn’t respond.

Garner’s family has since filed a lawsuit against the police officer, and added that they felt compelled to take legal action following the incident because they don’t want this type of incident to happen to anyone else.

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