Powerful Comic Illustrates Why It Is OK For Women To Not Want Kids

Powerful Comic Illustrates Why It Is OK For Women To Not Want Kids

Kate McDonough is a woman who doesn’t want to have kids, and that’s OK. However, some people can’t seem to wrap their head around that.

Even though she’s thoughtful, patient, and even enjoys working with children, that doesn’t mean that she’s interested in motherhood.
She writes in her blog that she has never felt the desire to be a mom, even when she tried to force it. It’s just not her, and she thinks it would be much worse to become a mother to a child that she doesn’t want than to disappoint people who expect motherhood of her.

Of course, McDonough is not the only woman that feels that way, and, in fact, more women than ever before are choosing not to be parents.
Most of them find the decision easy. Some of them choose to focus on their education or career, others might not be able to afford to have a kid, or might choose not to be parents for medical or health reasons. And some just aren’t interested in having kids, and that’s OK too.

The reason why someone chooses not to be a parent isn’t anyone’s business, and it seems like the only problem with not wanting to have children is how much other people take issue with the choice.
Women who choose not to have children are often called selfish and are told that “they will never understand what real love is”, and these malicious remarks can be very frustrating and hurtful.
McDonough believes that part of the problem is that child-talk has become ingrained in small-talk, and many people don’t even realize how invasive the question can be.

The blogger has decided to illustrate her frustration and opinion about the matter in her comic “Pretty, Pretty Ugly”, and it beautifully depicts why she doesn’t want kids and she offers support for other women who make their own choices.

McDonough’s comic has since received more than 58k on Tumblr, where it was first posted, and most of the feedback has been positive.


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