Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defended His Private Jets And Opulent Lifestyle In Interview

Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defended His Private Jets And Opulent Lifestyle In Interview

Even though the Bible has a lot to say about great wealth and opulence, and we know that most of it is not positive, it seems that none of it matters to Kenneth Copeland.
The gospel televangelist, worth $750 million, lives in a $6 million home owned by his church, and jet sets all over God’s green Earth in his $17.5 million private plane.

Reporter Lisa Guererro managed to “ambush” the preacher and question him about his claim that commercial jets are filled with demons.

She asked him if he really believes that human beings are demons, and he answered that no, he doesn’t, and he warned her not to say that he did.
However, there’s a video proof of Copeland telling fellow televangelist Jesse Duplantis that “getting in a long tube with a bunch of demons” is something he can’t manage.

Copeland later addressed his comments and said that commercial planes are not a good environment for preachers because of the “violent air marshals” and people around them who drink alcohol.
Oh, and he also admitted that he owns not one, but three private jets!

Guerrero then asked him about his flashy wardrobe, limos, and multiple homes, and he responded that he’s a very wealthy man, but his wealth does not come from offering alone. He said that he owns a lot of natural gas on his properties, and he said with a smirk:

“You didn’t know that did you, baby? Isn’t that wonderful?”

When she asked him about the fact that many people claim that men of the cloth shouldn’t live luxurious lifestyles, he said that they’re wrong.

Check out the interview for yourself below:

The video, expectedly, caused a lot of stir on social media. This is how people responded:


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