Pregnant Mom Revealed How Instagram Trolls Called Her Baby Bump “Gross”

Pregnant Mom Revealed How Instagram Trolls Called Her Baby Bump “Gross”

The 30-year-old Elisha Bakes is a Melbourne-based personal assistant that started receiving negative comments about the upcoming birth of her child when she shared a photo of her 14-week bump on Instagram.

The mother said that dozens of trolls told her that she must be further along than she claimed to be because her bump looked “huge”, and there were many negative comments.

Bakes said that she started to receive more and more comments about her baby bump when her third trimester started, and many of the comments were repetitive. Some of them included that she was having 78 kids, or she was giving birth to a horse.

Many people would ask her whether she was about to give birth while she was only 24 weeks along.
Some people actually got so far to ask her things like “why is her bump so big”, or that it was the biggest bump they had ever seen.

Bakes, who has over 32k Instagram followers, said that some people even criticized her for eating too much and being unhealthy, and the comments online were just awful. She tried to ignore them all and continue to embrace her pregnancy, but she tried to explain that her height of only 5’3″ is what made her bump look so big, especially when her partner Tane, who is over 6’2″ tall, was standing next to her.

However, despite all the unkind comments, Bakes received hundreds of messages of love and support, and she wanted to share her pregnancy journey online to remind people that pregnancy is beautiful and should be embraced.

Bakes gave birth to her son Kaelin last month.


Those who issued insults are those who are “gross.” This is what happens when a woman is pregnant: her belly grows enough to accommodate the fetus(es). It’s a good thing this happens or no babies would be born. I suspect those who insulted her are women-haters looking for an excuse to make a woman feel bad about herself.

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