Pregnant Transgender Man Shares His Worries About Giving Birth In A Hospital In Texas

Pregnant Transgender Man Shares His Worries About Giving Birth In A Hospital In Texas

Wyley Simpson and his boyfriend Stephan Gaeth, 27 are a part of a reality show called Extreme Love who follows unusual couples around the world.

The part that is unusual about is that Wyley is a transgender male who is pregnant. The couple met on Grindr, the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people.

The pregnancy came unexpectedly while Wyley was transitioning from female to male. The couple shares that they were not fully ready for parenthood and were considering giving the baby up for adoption, however, they later decided that they want to keep it and raise it together.

Wyley, who was on testosterone when they conceived, actually had to stop the treatment if he wanted to continue the pregnancy.

He shares that he is mainly scared of the pain and how he will be treated as a transgender male in the hospital in Texas where the delivery will take place.

Wyley was not comfortable in his female body since very early on in his life. He says that he always felt weird like he didn’t belong but he felt the biggest difference when he hit puberty and was pretty certain that he wanted facial hair and his breasts gone.

He started dressing more masculine but never became fully satisfied with his physical look. In 2012 he started taking testosterone and in 2013 he got top surgery. He is about to have bottom surgery too, about creating male genitalia.

Wyley was scared about his pause in the testosterone treatment due to the pregnancy but when they decided they are going to be parents, the couple fully committed on preparing about it.

The couple is really happy and shares that they had some big support which helped them to gain confidence in parenthood.



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