Reopening The World Vs. USA – This Is How Reopening Looks Around The Globe

Reopening The World Vs. USA – This Is How Reopening Looks Around The Globe

Many European countries, including some of the hardest-hit by the novel coronavirus at the time like Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, and Austria, are starting to ease their lockdown restrictions, and I can’t believe I say this, but the end finally feels close!

Sadly, though, none of us can go back to our ‘normal’ lives just yet, and even people in Europe are still respecting the many protective measures that have been implemented (depending on the country). Yes, it’s still too early to just go out and do what you please, and if there’s anything to go by, the European countries know it’s better safe than sorry. From glass partitions in government houses, gyms, and stores, to hand-sanitizers on stair escalators, different countries have been reopening… differently. We’ve rounded up a collection of photos taken in different countries for you to see how reopening goes, and we’re sincerely hoping that the U.S. will keep the safety standard extremely high when it decides to reopen.

  1. A thermal monitor has been placed before you enter this McDonald’s restaurant

2. Schools have reopened in China

3. UV handrail sterilizer has been placed on An escalator in Hong Kong

4. This is how a gym in Hong Kong looks in 2020

5. Danish supermarket has setup a hand-washing station in front of the front doors.

6. Barbers wear a full-body protective suit in Bangladesh

7. A school in China

8. Shopping in an Austrian supermarket

9. School life after reopening

10. A robot measuring people’s body temperatures at a mall in Bangkok


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