Retailer Willing To Pay $50,000 A Year For Someone To Test Their Adult Toys

Retailer Willing To Pay $50,000 A Year For Someone To Test Their Adult Toys

Are you bored of your same-old boring job? Maybe you want a bit more excitement in your life?
Well, this might be the job for you!

A company is looking for a person to test out quite a few of their “special” products.

The lucky applicant that will be chosen to be the “intimate customer service manager” will earn $50,000 per year for “the trouble”.

The online company will send you out a bunch of adult items each month, and you will have to provide an in-depth analysis of them all and listen to the problems customers are having with them. You will also have to offer advice on how their own personal user experience could be improved.

Even though you don’t have to be a qualified intimate-life therapist, we believe that previous experience in the field might come in handy.

According to the company, they receive hundreds of questions from shoppers who want more information about how to get the best of their purchased products each month, and the most common question is how to use a given item to its full potential.

For anyone that is interested in this opportunity, all you need is just e healthy interest in these products, as well as excellent customer service skills.

The founder of, Cas Paton, said that their aim is to provide everything their customers may need.

He added that they’ve seen thousands of customers get in touch with the company, asking for advice when it comes to their products. However, even though their team is currently helping all customer queries in the best way they can, they need a professional for this task, and they need someone who not only has experience in intimate products but also has excellent customer service skills.


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