Russian Powerlifter Refused To Board Her Plane Without Proving She’s A Woman

Russian Powerlifter Refused To Board Her Plane Without Proving She’s A Woman

Anna Turaeva is a 42-year-old world-famous powerlifter from Russia. Turaeva, a female, recently shared the story of how she was stopped at the airport by a security guard and was forbidden to board her plane until she could prove she’s a woman.

She faced a true horror and was subjected to very intimate questions in front of other passengers on the scheduled flight.

The sportswoman, who has a string of records and medals representing her country, explained how she was initially barred from the flight with Russian airline Utair, from St Petersburg to her home city of Krasnodar via Moscow.

Turaeva holds a number of records in powerlifting, and she explained how she was initially stopped from boarding her flight with Russian airline Utair from St Petersburg to Krasnodar via Moscow. Apparently, the security staff didn’t believe she was a woman and refused to let her pass through. They said that it was written in her passport that she’s a woman, but they thought she was a man.

She was asked very intimate questions and the guards questioned who she was and what she does in her life and in bed.

Anna managed to keep her cool and didn’t allow herself ‘the slightest rudeness’.

She said that the whole queue was watching the ordeal and she felt as helpless as possible.

The told the airline representative numerous times that they were wrong to ask her prove that she was a woman, and she did everything she could for them to believe her nature. Then, as she says, ‘a miracle happened’ and she was finally allowed to board the plane.

She later hit out at the airline and said that she worked all her life for her country – not to be treated this way.

Anna was a six-times world champion in the bench press and hold multiple records and trophies in powerlifting.

Utair has since apologized to her and added that they will check the actions of the airport employees that worked on her flight and will sort out the situation


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