School Asked Mom To Leave After She Helped Her Disabled Daughter In Race

School Asked Mom To Leave After She Helped Her Disabled Daughter In Race

Lynn Harrison is a mother that said that she was asked to leave her disabled daughter’s sports day after trying to help her join in with a race.
Apparently, the mother was told there would be “insurance problems”.
The mother only wanted her 6-year-old daughter Tammy to feel more included, so she lifted her out of her wheelchair buggy and carried her.

She did the same thing last year too, so she didn’t think it would be a problem. However, staff at Jeavons Wood Primary School in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, told her that there were “child protection issues” and it was, in fact, a problem.

The mother told Cambridgeshire Live that the school told her that she can’t help Tammy.

The mom was told that she couldn’t help her daughter because of insurance and child protection, so the mother wondered how her daughter was going to take part.

The girl had been able to come out of the buggy and walk with her mother carrying her last year, and she feels like she’s joining in and she enjoys it more when she does that.
It also serves as an exercise for the girl, which is good for her, explains the mom.

The mom was told that Tammy’s one-to-one teaching assistant would have to push her in the buggy for the race if she wanted to take part.

Harrison explains that the other parents too thought that it was disgusting what the school decided to do, so she told the staff that she will take her out and help her do it.

The mother was asked to leave school premises by a member of staff, but she told them that she’s not leaving and she will stay to help her daughter.

The mom explains that the 6-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, was “beaming” when she crossed the finish line, and made it all worthwhile.

Harrison gave the school no choice, and everyone was cheering when she came over the finish line.

The school has since stated that the welfare of all of its 420 students is most important to them, and it was reported that headteacher Sue Wright of Jeavons Wood Primary School issued a statement regarding the incident, also requesting that the story should not be published.



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