A School In Texas Votes To Bring Back Paddling To Discipline Misbehaving Kids!

A School In Texas Votes To Bring Back Paddling To Discipline Misbehaving Kids!

Many people think that most of the children these days lack discipline, whether in the home or at school. While some parents want their kids to be held more strict in the schools, other think that the schools hold their kids too strict.

Misbehaving children who don’t respond to the normal punishments like detention or suspension in a school in Texas will not be happy. The school decided to bring back old-school punishment of kids like that – paddling.

You probably think that parents won’t be happy about this decision, but actually, they like it very much. Most of them support it, even though the school requires them to sign up if they agree for their children to be paddles. It is optional for them to decide if they want the measure to be put on their children or not, and if they signed up for it, they can’t complain afterwards.

Even though some decades ago it was very common for teachers and administration to implement this measure on children who misbehaved, but nowadays most of the schools are against this discipline. The paddling in this school is only meant for students that were not reacting to the standard measures.

Very often, parents who paddle their children at home sign up the agreement for the school paddling. It all comes down to the style of parenting each family has and prefers.

When a student makes a violation or misbehaves at school, he or she will receive one paddling. But only if the parents are comfortable with it, the punishment may take place. If they are not, it is the end of the discussion.

Many people fear that paddling could lead to kids not wanting to go to school because they are afraid of the punishment, and also there is the concern that the paddling may get out of hand and actually injure some of the students.

27 Public schools in Texas use this measure at their responsibility though, and the Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. is not happy about it. He sent them a letter in which he asks them to ban the punishment, in which he writes that more than one-third of the students who were subject to the punishment are black children. Black boys and girls were almost 3 times more likely to be the subject of corporal punishment than white boys and girls, and approximately 40,000 of the students who were punished were black.

Parents had their say too when the news of allowing corporal punishment went out on the social media.

Someone wrote that kids who were spanked in school are more likely to end up in jail then kids who were not, and that paddling has no place in the school today.

However, another one wrote that the parents are the one who should teach their children how to act like they should. If the kids are well mannered, the parents have nothing to worry about.

The schools that agreed to use this measure state that there is absolutely no discrimination involved, that it will work in helping the students to behave like they should at school.


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