Science Thinks The Ideal Woman’s Body Exists And Here Is What It Looks Like

Science Thinks The Ideal Woman’s Body Exists And Here Is What It Looks Like

Many researchers have taken their time to complete a study that would reveal and determine once-and-for-all the “ideal body type for women”.
Wanted it or not, women are overwhelmed with images of what they are supposed to look like, and the beauty standards have only become even more impossible with the rise of the social media and extremely fit “influencers”.

However, people have been imagining the “perfect body type” for women for centuries, and there have been countless paintings, statues, dolls, and other images that have evolved throughout the years to portray the ideal body type.

This time, though, science has stepped in to find the so-called “right type of body” (wait, so there is a wrong type of body?)

Researchers at the University of Texas have determined that a body type that is somewhat “plump” is the best for a woman to have. The research took two years.

Understandably, every culture has its own ideas of beauty and the beauty standards are different.
However, the study reveals that the perfect female body measures 1.68m in height (5ft 5in), and bust/waist/hip measurements of 99-63-91 cm (39-35-36).

34-year-old model Kelly Brook is said to have the perfect body for women, and science says that she is the closest to what the ideal body for women is.

According to the researchers, she was selected because of a combination of factors, including age, height, teeth, nose, face, and more. She was also selected because she has those measurements naturally, and not through surgeries.

The researchers say that the measurements were chosen because they fulfill the requirements of evolution and procreation, and there were also a few criteria like attractiveness to the other genders, overall health, and capacity to bear a child.

Expectedly, the study has faced a major backlash from many feminist groups over the world, and it also raises the question as to why is the so-called “perfect body” the one that is considered most attractive to men?

However, some people have praised the study because it differs from what is portrayed as the ideal in fashion magazines.


And UT did a study on this. Why? What is the info going to change? Except for weight, there’s nothing a female can do to meet these requirements that does not include surgery. In some cases, no surgery would be able to produce the ‘ideal woman’ — am 5’2″ and have tried different methods grow taller. Surprise, none worked. Many diets, supplements and kinds of exercise later, none of the these have made any substantial long term basis either (tho I do accept responsibly for some of that); genetics seem to play a large part in body shape, etc. in my family as anything else. One cannot change genetics.

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