Secret’s Ad Shows How Strong Women Raise Strong Girls, And We Love It

Secret’s Ad Shows How Strong Women Raise Strong Girls, And We Love It

When people think about strength, they usually think about physically strong. Like, how much can they lift, or how much can they run, etc.
However, strength sometimes means not being afraid of new things. Strength is sometimes being able to find your own vulnerability.

Every person on this planet has been discouraged and has felt scared at some points, and it’s in those moments when we find out how strong we truly are. And no, we are not talking about physical strength, but how can you stand up, grow, and thrive – if given the encouragement and support you need.

Secret Deodorant recently published a new ad called “Raising Daughters”, and we are well aware that there’s no time more delicate than adolescence. We all know how impossible it seems to explain how you feel when you’re in middle school and high school, and each decision you make seems like a mountain.

That’s why the ad features soccer legend Abby Wambach and the advice she would give to her 13-year-old self.

Make sure to check out the ad below:

She advises that a true champion is a person that champions others, and we honestly couldn’t agree more! Also, she says that she should pass the ball more because it takes a bigger person to help someone else score – which is exactly how things work in the real life!

What advice would you give to your 13-year-old self? Would you try to change something, or you will let yourself live the same thing all over again?


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