Senator Stephanie Flowers Gave A Very Honest And Fierce Speech About “Stand Your Ground” Bill

Senator Stephanie Flowers Gave A Very Honest And Fierce Speech About “Stand Your Ground” Bill

Stephanie Flowers is an Arkansas state senator who got into a heated debate over “stand your ground” laws.

As you probably know already, every single debate that involves firearms tends to bring out people’s passion. However, if you happen to be a mother of a black son, and you know that statistically, it’s less likely for him to see justice if something bad happens, your passion may be stronger than everyone else’s.

Flowers shared her feelings over Arkansas’ “stand your ground” laws, and she took an issue with the bill that is being rushed without proper debate.
She said that she’s the only person of color there, and a mother too, and she cares for her son just as much the other care for theirs. However, she noted that her son doesn’t walk the same path as theirs, so the debate deserves more time.

She pointed out that black boys and men and losing their lives regularly in Pine Bluff, where she lives, and she fears for her son’s life.
According to research studies, there are differences between races in how “stand your ground” laws are prosecuted.

The law in Arkansas says that people can use firearms if they feel threatened and are “unable to retreat with complete safety”. The bill on the table was to remove that “duty to retreat”, so it would mean that a person will not be required to get away if they felt threatened.

Even though these laws are very controversial, they have been adopted by more than half the states in the U.S. However, research has shown differences in how these cases are prosecuted when it comes to people of color.

In fact, “stand your grounders” are twice as likely to be convicted if the one they used force on is a white person than is a person of color.

Flowers explained why she thinks open carry laws make stand your ground laws absurd, and vice versa.

This is what she said:

Many people loved what Flowers said, and she actually said what many people wish they could to lawmakers:


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