She Was Worried About Sharing Pics From Her Photooshoot With Fiance, But The Results Won Our Hearts

She Was Worried About Sharing Pics From Her Photooshoot With Fiance, But The Results Won Our Hearts

People on social media are often bombarded by images of plastic people, filtered to such an extent that all of the human connections that are supposed to shine through the picture are lost.

A young couple from Texas decided to respond to an everyday call for models and to take part in a boudoir photoshoot, and the results are stunning.

Wolf & Rose Photography uploaded the photoshoot onto their Facebook page, and the photos went viral. But why these particular photos caused such a stir? We will leave it to you to decide, but there’s obvious love, chemistry, confidence and beauty in all of them.

Stephanie used the opportunity to give her message of body positivity to everyone who struggles with the unrealistic expectations that are pushed through social media and lead to self-esteem issues. She says that she remembers when she was in junior high school and she was looking at herself in the mirror, wondering why her stomach wasn’t as it is ‘supposed to be’. But she has accepted it over the years, and she has pushed herself out of her comfort zone by wearing clothes that she loves but aren’t ‘acceptable’ by the society, like short skirts, crop tops and shorter dresses. She says that she walks around with her head high, smiling, and she doesn’t show shame in herself.

She got a great opportunity to express herself through the photoshoot, and the final result is phenomenal. Stephanie says that she has never felt more attractive and that every person should be able to see themselves in that light.

We say cheers to Stephanie and her partner Arryn, and to the photographer Bria for capturing the connection, emotion and chemistry between these two people.

You can check the amazing pictures below.

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WOW lovely pictures. can somehow see how you are glowing. hope you and guy-partner-husband keep that glow cause you will have an awsome life with eachother.

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