Sia Went At Walmart On Thanksgiving And Restored Our Faith In Humanity

Sia Went At Walmart On Thanksgiving And Restored Our Faith In Humanity

The popular singer Sia lied about her identity and claimed that she just won the lottery so she could pay for everyone’s grocery bill at Walmart.

She stopped by a Walmart and a TJ Maxx in Palm Springs, California on November 27 and went register by register, paying everyone’s pre-Thanksgiving grocery bills.
The “Chandelier” singer is pretty unrecognizable in person because she always performs with her signature blonde wig that obscures half her face, so very few people knew who she was when she did her random act of kindness and paid off the unsuspecting customers their grocery bills.

Palm Springs is a desert city about three hours outside LA, and numerous celebrities tend to have homes there. KESQ reports that she told everyone that her name was Cici and that she had just won the lottery, so that was the reason she wanted to pay it forward.
When she was recognized by one fan and they asked her to take a photo with the, Sia shrugged and said: “Sure, I’m Cici”. The shopper went on to apologize for revealing her identity, but they felt that her “kindness must be acknowledged”.

This is what one Twitter user wrote, together with a video they filmed:

Everyone wanted a photo with the generous singer, and she can be seen in the videos that surfaced online casually walking around Walmart and asking people “Who’s next?” before swiping her card.

And yet for the mysterious singer, Sia is yet to comment on her display of generosity before Thanksgiving.


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