Sickening “Buy One, Get One Free” Lion Package Offered By Trophy Hunting Company

Sickening “Buy One, Get One Free” Lion Package Offered By Trophy Hunting Company

A trophy hunting company offers a buy one, get one free package of lions. The offers sees a lioness thrown into the deal if a customer pays to hunt down a lion, and it comes from Mkulu African Hunting Safaris in South Africa. The company’s website states that “if you’re going to hunt a lion on your own, this is the deal for you” under the section “African lion hunting safari packages”.

The potential “customers” can “book a Category 2, 3, 4 or 5 lion hunt with them and add a lioness AT NO EXTRA cost” – as stated by the website.

The price includes the services of a professional hunter, services of a tracker, trophy fees of specified trophy animals, field preparations, and delivery of the trophies to Mkulu African Hunting Safaris preferred taxidermist.

It even includes accommodation, all land transport, soft drinks, meals, and “alcoholic beverages in moderation”.

Wildlife experts are warning that BOGOF offers could make the controversial pursuit even more affordable.

Eduardo Goncalves of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting told The Mirror that business is on the rise for the trophy industry, and even though it used to be just the landed gentry and army colonels who went on hunting safaris in the past, today it’s gas engineers, utility company customer service managers, NHS suppliers, internet provider supervisors, etc. jetting off to hunt wild animals for fun.

“It’s like Black Friday but for the animals, every day is a black day.” – he added.

He noted that even though we’re facing an extinction crisis, we’re allowing more and more hunters to hunt rare and endangered animals.

The Mirror reports that there is also a similar package at another South African hunting lodge, Rance River Reserve, and it too advertises cheap offers for adding more hunters.


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