Single Dad Adopted 5 Children With Disabilities And Says He Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Single Dad Adopted 5 Children With Disabilities And Says He Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Ben Carpenter is a single father from England who has adopted five children with special needs over the last decade, and he even plans to adopt more.

He recently adopted the 1-year-old Noah and decided to share his story on Father’s Day. Noah has a rare genetic disorder known as Cornelia de Lange syndrome that causes cognitive, physical, and medical challenges. Carpenter, however, knew that he was the right person to give Noah a loving home, because he is experienced in raising children with medical difficulties.

The 35-year-old father adopted 4 other children over the years: the 11-year-old Jack, the 8-year-old Ruby, the 6-year-old Lily, and the 3-year-old Joseph.

He told the Mirror that even at the age of 21 he knew he wanted to be a father as soon as possible. The father from Huddersfield says that he was convinced with him being single he wouldn’t be taken seriously, but he was over the moon when they did.

He had previously worked with adults and children with special needs before deciding to adopt a child with disabilities, and this experience made him confident that he could take on the responsibility for himself.

He said that he knew that it was only right for him to adopt a disabled child because he knew he’d be able to care for them properly.

Now, 9 years later, he has five children, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Carpenter has been an outspoken adoption advocate and he was even named “adopter extraordinaire” by the British Citizenship Awards last year.
He said that it’s a lovely feeling, because the children are no longer “looked after” children, but they’re yours. And, most importantly, they’re no longer in the care system, and they have your surname, which means they’re part of the family unit.

The dad of five said that if he comes across another child who may be in need of his help, he would consider adding another one to his family.


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