Single Dad Adopted 5 Siblings Under The Age Of 5 So They Can Stay Together

Single Dad Adopted 5 Siblings Under The Age Of 5 So They Can Stay Together

Lamont Thomas is a 48-year-old man from Buffalo, New York, who ended up being a parenting legend.
The divorced dad-of-two took a foster kid named Michael Perez back in 2001, and he said that Perez was a good young man, and Thomas hated to see him in the foster care system. Eventually, he came to the point to adopt Michael, who’s now a grown-up man that works as a nurse, but Michael was just the beginning.
Lamont fostered more than 30 kids over the next 15 years in his area of Buffalo, New York, and he adopted five of them.

However, what Lamont did recently will melt your heart: he adopted FIVE siblings, all under the age of 5, so that they can grow up together! Yes, you read that right! Lamont adopted the 5-year-old Zendaya, the 4-year-old Jamel, the 3-year-old Nokia, the 2-year-old Major, and the 1-year-old Michaela.

Although Lamont had decided that he’s out of the game for some time, he said that his goal was to make a difference in the life of every child that he’s had.

Michael, his eldest, said that the decision to adopt the 5 siblings was a real shocker, as he didn’t expect for his dad to restart and to do it all over again.

In an almost believe-it-or-not story, Lamont once actually fostered the dad of the 5 siblings, and that’s how he found out that the children needed a home.

The children were in four different homes and in four different cities before they got to him, and they were actually separated for more than a year and a half. Eventually, they finally ended up Lamont’s care, and he managed to finalize the adoption.

Check out the heartwarming story for yourself below:


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