Single Gay Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Previously Rejected By 20 Families

Single Gay Dad Adopts Girl With Down Syndrome Previously Rejected By 20 Families

I think we can all agree that reading stories about abandoned children who finally got to go home to a loving family is absolutely heartwarming.
Well, meet the 41-year-old Italian Luca Trapanese: a man who has decided to challenge the stereotypes of religion, fatherhood, and family in his home country. He adopted his daughter Alba when she was less than a month old, and his story has gained huge popularity ever since. One of the reasons is that Luca is gay and a single dad, and the Italian social services don’t usually let single, gay men adopt children. He has told the media that at the time that he would only be able to adopt a kid with behavioral or health problems, and he still wasn’t scared away.

Luca adopted Alba when she was just 13 days old, and the little girl has Down’s Syndrome. The sad part it that she was actually given up for adoption by her mother because of it, and 20 families had rejected the newborn because of her condition. Fortunately, though, Luca wasn’t scared away by it, as he has been working and volunteering for organizations focused on children with special needs ever since he was 14 years old.

Luca was openly told that he could only adopt a child that had been previously rejected by traditional families, and he was in tears of joy when he was told that he would finally be able to adopt the little Alba.

He told the media that when he first held her in his arms, he was overcome with joy, and he felt that she was his daughter straight away.

It was the first time for him to hold a newborn baby, but he was immediately ready to be her dad once he did.
His life now revolves around his daughter, and he says that she “revolutionized his life and everything is about her”. She brought him happiness and a sense of fulfillment, and he’s proud to be her dad. He wanted her to be his daughter.

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What a beautiful and heartwarming story, especially on Thanksgiving Day! Congratulations to a wonderful dad and his adorable little girl!

Such an amazing story! This is one most heart warming stories, I have read. God Bless that man and his beautiful baby girl! So wonderful!

They are a holy family, designed and consecrated by the very heart of God.

God Speed, Luca Trapanese, God Speed.

Beautiful story.

Such a beautiful man and his precious baby girl, and their loving story! The BEST to them in life always. 💞🤗

This story bought tears to my eyes. God bless this wonderful man who shared his love with a Down’ s Syndrome Child. May both of them enjoy their lives together, knowing that God made this match.

Vicenta Montoya

What an uplifting , loving story. May your family be blessed with many years of happiness and good health.

What a heartwarming story. Bless them both

My heart goes out to such people as Luca who adopt special needs kids. They are heroes !

Some men are just meant to be daddies. 💖

Thank you sir for your humanity and heart. And most of all, for being an example in a world that is increasingly intolerant and exclusive. You are my hero!

Love is love. It doesnt matter if your gay, straight or bi. It doesnt matter what faith you believe in or where you came from. Everyone deserves to be loved and accepted just the way we are. Beautiful story!

What a beautiful little girl with a most wonderful caring Dad!!💕

What a man!!!!


What a heartwarming story about a proud father and a daughter that adores him.

A true meaning of how a person cN make a difference in the world making it all worthwhile

Dear Mr Trapanese, you are a wonderful human being. This is such a moving story and, as a fellow (gay) male feel you can teach every human being something very important.

Dear Luca, I am so inspired by your heart and humanity. I grew up working in the Miami-Dade school system with my mother during summer break. My mother worked as a Therapist with special needs children. I would go with her and assist; working with these children was the most inspiring, humbling and rewarding experience of my life. Your daughter is a treasure and will only become a polished gem with your guidance and love. I am so grateful to experience this story and I hope someday upon my return to Italy I can meet you and your daughter. You are an inspiration and a role model for everyone. Bless you and your beautiful family.

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