Single Gay Dad Adopts Ill Child From Cambodia, Raises Him To Olympic Glory

Single Gay Dad Adopts Ill Child From Cambodia, Raises Him To Olympic Glory

Jerry Windle is a single gay man who was repeatedly told that he would never be a father – both by people close to him and total strangers.
Yes, even Jerry himself never believed that he would be a dad, but his life changed when he managed to adopt an ill orphan from Cambodia.
He knew that his chances of adopting a child in the US were slim, but his life changed when he read an article about adoption of orphans in Cambodia.

He immediately contacted the officials in Cambodia and rushed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in June 2000. There, he found his future son Jordan living in an orphanage since his birth parents were not among the living anymore.
The toddler was ill and was suffering from a number of infections, as well as malnutrition. Jerry managed to adopt the boy and take him back to Florida, where he nursed him back to health and became his father.

Jordan weighed just 16 pounds aged 2, and Jerry wasn’t sure if the boy will make it or not. However, he promised that he would do everything in his power so that his son wouldn’t have to go through it all again, and he managed to conquer every barrier.

Aged 7, the boy caught the attention of Tim O’Brien, the son of a famous diving coach Ron O’Brien. Jordan immediately entered a special diving program and started achieving his first success as a diver.

The boy achieved his dream and qualified for the men’s platform event at the Olympics, and competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where he finished in 9th place for the men’s platform event.



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