Smart Tampon Lets You Track Your Flow In Real-Time

Smart Tampon Lets You Track Your Flow In Real-Time

Most women probably have faced the horror of a leaked tampon. This was the reason this U.S.-based company designed a smart tampon that lets you know when it needs changing.

The smart tampon is a product of the company my.Flow created by Amanda Brief and Jacob McEntire. The tampon works through a monitor that is attached to the user’s waistband or underwear. The monitor is then connected to the my.Flow tampon via a string which is 12in long and contains a conductive thread.

You insert the end of the string into the minitor, and it begins sending data to an app on the user’s phone via Bluetooth.
The woman that wears the tampon receives text reminders to check the app, and she can see how full the tampon is.

The company’s website says that the tampon itself doesn’t emit a signal of any type.

People have been warned by gynecologist Jennifer Gunter, though, that this new product doesn’t have enough evidence to be submitted to the U.S. public health agency, the FDA, and she wrote on Twitter that this will require studies as it represents a significant design change. She warned people to beware of giving money to this start-up if they don’t have studies to submit to the FDA.

Founder Amanda Brief, though, says that her concept will “curb period anxiety” and it will give women “convenience”.

She told the Medical Daily back in 2016 that her prototype has been successful with her and another woman in her office, and she added that “it’s an incredibly exciting experience” to track their flow in real-time.


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