Sorry To Say This Ladies, But You`ve Been Wearing Your Underwear Wrong All This Time! Here Are Six Mistakes Most Women Make

Sorry To Say This Ladies, But You`ve Been Wearing Your Underwear Wrong All This Time! Here Are Six Mistakes Most Women Make

When it comes to knickers there are plenty of mistakes that most women make besides wearing the same pair of pants for two days straight which we all know is a big no-no.

According to some experts, we are all occasionally guilty of committing some major underwear faux pas.

Octavia Cannon, DO, a board-certified OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology) has brought to our attention six key mistakes women make when it comes to their choice of underwear.

Some of them may seem harmless at first, but we assure you they could lead to some serious infections, rashes and even E. Coli.

Here are 6 habits you need to get rid of ASAP!

1. Avoid Thongs

Many wear thongs and g-strings mostly because of their appeal, but they could bring some serious health implications.

According to Doctor Cannon and many of her colleagues E. Coli can be transferred from your bottom to your vulva.

She said: ‘Think about where the string slides when you sit down in a thong’.

If you like them so much then try adding full briefs to the mix from time to time and avoid sleeping in them.

2. Opt For Cotton Over Silks

We know that the most attractive underwear is usually made from silk and lace, but you should only wear them for special occasions only.

In order to avoid infections Dr Cannon suggests opting for a breathable fabric like cotton.

Don`t get us wrong, it`s OK to invest in fancy underwear, but try to seek out a cotton gusset where possible.

3. Change Your Underwear After A Workout

Dr Cannon says that it`s completely necessary to bring along a spare pants to the gym.

Yeast and bacteria love a warm, moist, dark environment,’ says Dr. Cannon.

4. Ditch Scented Detergent

Adding a floral scented washing powder will make your underwear smell nicer, but you`re risking a havoc in your intimate area.

The chemicals which are used in these detergents can be irritating to your private parts where your skin is most sensitive.

Dr Cannon recommends using a fragrance free detergent in order to avoid painful rashes and irritation.

5. Buy Pants That Fit!

I`m sure it sounds like common sense, but we have all been all guilty of hanging on to a pair of panties that we want to squeeze into.

It`s simple, if your undies leave marks on your skin, you`re outing yourself at risk for rashes and vaginal infections.

6. Don`t Repeat Wears

It`s always a bad idea to fish a pair of pants out of the laundry basket. Dirty underwear is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You are also putting yourself at risk of infection and no, turning them inside out doesn’t help.


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