Staff Of Special Needs Restaurant Called “Retards”, The Internet Comes For Help

Staff Of Special Needs Restaurant Called “Retards”, The Internet Comes For Help

Pizzability in Denver is a small business located in the Cherry Creek area and it’s different than other pizza places because it’s completely staffed by people with disabilities.
It’s founder is Tiffany Fixter, a former special-ed teacher who thought that the community needed jobs and training for people with disabilities.

The pizza place, however, struggles to stay in business in a world of massive restaurant chains with speedy delivery service.

Fixter told Denver 7 news that everyone on her staff has an intellectual or developmental disability, and they have people with down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, blind, and deaf people.

However, even though the restaurant is impactful, it fights to make ends meet, and the owner is not sure if they’re going to make it.

And, to make things worse, the attitudes of some people, mostly locals, don’t help.
Local journalist Tori Maso, a CBS4 Denver reporter, recently shared a post how she was “heartbroken and disgusted” to hear people saying “That’s where the retards work” and hanging around outside, afraid to come in.

The reviews for Pizzability so far have been flawless, earning clear 5 stars.

Most people have said that the staff is incredible, very genuine and helpful, and makes you feel very comfortable. Also, everyone has said that the pizza is delicious.

Another review has said that you won’t find better customer service at any other restaurant out there, and they would recommend it to anyone.

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