Stay-At-Home Moms Should Be Paid $162,581 A Year For Their Labor, Study Finds

Stay-At-Home Moms Should Be Paid $162,581 A Year For Their Labor, Study Finds

Andrew Yang, a democratic presidential candidate, gained a lot of publicity when he first introduced the idea of a universal basic income of $1000 a month to every American to spend as he sees fit.

This basic income should allow people to rethink what the average American sees as work or as Yang calls it the “human-centered” economy.

This is what Yang said on a recent appearance on “The View”: “It would actually help build a more human-centered economy, what I call the trickle-up economy. Because it will allow more people to do the kind of work that they want to do — including people like my wife who’s at home with our two young boys, one of whom is autistic.”

“And right now the market values her work at zero,” Yang continued. “The GDP values her work at zero. If you start putting resources into our hands that actually expands what we think of as work.”

“Well now, you’re talking about paying women for doing housework, doing work at home, being mothers. That’s a good idea,” co-host Joy Behar responded.

The dividend suggested by Yang will serve as compensation to stay-at-home parents who chose parenting by putting their career on hold.
However, things that $12k a year is too little to stay-at-home parents, or $150k too short.

The company released a report that stay-at-home moms should be paid $162,581 for their labor at home while taking care of their kids.
It’s also not a secret that the U.S. does very little to help new moms while other countries in Europe have embraced this idea.

At the end it all comes down to answering: What is work? We all have jobs, we all try to earn money so we can take care of our families. So what about the parents of the front lines and what about stay at home dads?


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