Stephen Bannon Says Hillary Clinton Will Run For President In 2020

Stephen Bannon Says Hillary Clinton Will Run For President In 2020

Steve Bannon, the President’s former chief strategist said that Hillary Clinton will run again in 2020 after the Democrats sacrifice Joe Biden to bring down Trump in the impeachment scandal.
He said that after Biden is out the way, Democrats will shift allegiance to another candidate, including Hillary Clinton as one of the possible replacements.

He also pointed out to the former First Lady’s list of media appearances this week as evidence that she is not out of the running as she claims.

Bannon told Fox Business that the Democrats think they have a weak field and they’re prepared to sacrifice a rook to take down a king.

He thinks they will throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope that Elizabeth Warren or even Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg or some centrist comes in there and win against Trump.

Host Trish Regan asked Bannon about why he believes Clinton will enter the race again, and he pointed to her packed media schedule as evidence.

Hillary Clinton is currently doing a circuit of TV networks to speak about a book she wrote with daughter Chelsea called The Book of Gutsy Women. However, she used a pre-recorded interview with CBS Monday to go against Trump as a “corrupt human tornado”, saying that he knows that his 2016 win was fraudulent.

She noted that she backs the Democrat inquiry into whether Trump should be booted from office, and she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she again spoke about impeachment, this time criticizing Mike Pompeo for not intervening in Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president.

She was back on ABC on Tuesday when she was asked on GMA what the gutsiest decision she has ever made was, and she answered that the gutsiest thing she has ever done was making the decision to stay in her marriage.


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