Straight Guys Share The Things They Do, But Society Calls ‘Unmanly’

Straight Guys Share The Things They Do, But Society Calls ‘Unmanly’

At this point, we probably all know what ‘toxic masculinity’ means, and how harmful it is – both to men and everyone around them. However, everyone has their own definition of masculinity, and doing the things that you like doesn’t make you any less of a man.

It’s a well known fact that most men grow up fearing that they won’t be perceived as manly enough, and most things they are told not to do are silly and if we are honest downright confusing.

Unfortunately, society still stigmatizes some things as ‘unmanly’ or “gay”, and some men are still afraid that if they do something they like, they might be judged for ‘not being manly enough’. Redditor u/possibly_degenerate recently asked fellow Redditors to share the things every man should at least try, even though they’re stigmatized as ‘gay’ or ‘unmanly’ – and Reddit responded!

We hate to admit it, but society is still messed up when it comes to masculinity, but on the bright side we’re more and more aware of it.
Many people shared their own stories and takes on the matter, and we invite you to check them out for yourself below:










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