Student Who Doesn’t Use Shampoo For 2 Years Says Her Hair Looks Healthier Than Ever

Student Who Doesn’t Use Shampoo For 2 Years Says Her Hair Looks Healthier Than Ever

Iiris Heikkinen is a 24-year-old student who says that she hasn’t used a shampoo or conditioner in almost two years and her locks now look healthier than ever.

Heikkinen is a champion of the “no shampoo” method, which is a movement popular among wellness bloggers.
It sees followers of the method ditch shampoo and conditioners, believing that the hair and clean itself using it’s natural oils.

The student first experimented with using apple vinegar or baking soda to absorb the dirt and grease from her wavy, blond hair.

Iiris, from Finald, now uses only water to wash her hair, and a dab of coconut oil once in two months. She says that she has never looked back since she started using the method.

She explained that she would wash her hair every few days in the past, and it felt almost too clean, so her scalp was really dry and it would itch.

However, after just a couple of weeks using the “no shampoo” method, the itching had stopped, and her hair went back to normal without using any shampoo.

The first few weeks her hair looked a bit greasy, but she pushed through it, and now people have no idea that she doesn’t use any shampoo.
She says that they are always surprised and compliment how healthy and clean her hair looks.

Iiris adds that she believes it’s much better to use organic products, if you decide that you do want to use a shampoo, because they’re better for the environment and it feels healthier to know you are only using natural ingredients.

However, she found that her scalp would itch terribly after using even organic shampoo, so she ditched it aswell.

The student says that her tresses were in fairly good condition even before she started washing her hair without shampoo, as she rarely used hairdryers or straighteners, she noted that they do appear thicker and wavier since she ditched shampoo.

Interestingly enough, the also noted that the color of her hair has also slightly changed and it now looks more of a natural blonde color.

She says that she doesn’t face much criticism for her decision, but recalls that she was once asked if her hair smelled.

She adds that that seems to be a big misconception, because the hair smells completely neutral, and she’s never had any comments on it, and if you met her, you would never know that she doesn’t use shampoo.

What do you think about the idea? Would you ever consider ditching shampoo as well? Tell us in the comments!


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