Surprise Birthday Party Leaves 18 Relatives Positive For Covid-19

Surprise Birthday Party Leaves 18 Relatives Positive For Covid-19

Out of 25 people who attended a surprise birthday party in Carrollton, Texas, 18 have been tested positive for Covid-19, and one fights for his life in ICU.
One man who attended the party was unaware that he had coronavirus, as he thought that he had a cough because of his job in construction. He interacted with seven members of his family at the party, who passed it to another 10 relatives, and the total number of family members that tested positive for the novel coronavirus is 18.

Frank and Carole Barbosa, both in their 80s, were hospitalized after their symptoms worsened, and Kathy Barbosa, who is undergoing chemotherapy. Although Kathy and Carole have been discharged from the hospital and are currently recovering at home, Frank is very sick and he’s still in the hospital.

Ron Barbosa, Frank and Carole’s son, who refused to attend the surprise birthday party, said that his dad is “hanging on by a thread” while on life support.

The party was hosted by Ron’s nephew on May 30, and he believes that seven family members contracted and spread the virus to 10 other relatives. The celebration was for his daughter-in-law, but he refused to attend the party himself.

Even though Ron’s dad did not attend the party, he later contracted the virus by his wife, who had only stopped by to drop something off. Ron now wants to warn others about the dangers of the novel coronavirus, and he told BuzzFeed that you should respect all the measures, mask up, and keep your distance.

He also urged anyone that has recovered by the virus to donate their blood for convalescent plasma therapy.
The family has since been heavily criticized for holding the party, but authorities say that it was perfectly legal to hold it and it was in touch with Texas’ health standards.

Barbosa noted that no one is to blame for this, and he clarified that the family is around each other constantly and they care for each other dearly. He and his wife, though, refused to go to the party due to safety reasons.


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