Surrogate Mom Believes She’s Having Twins, She Delivers The Unthinkable

Surrogate Mom Believes She’s Having Twins, She Delivers The Unthinkable

Jessica Allen was already a mother of two sons when she decided to help a couple i need of a baby by becoming a surrogate. She told ABC News back in 2017 that no woman in the world should have to live her life without experiencing the love and the bond from a mother and a child.

The surrogacy went off perfectly, but things got pretty “messy” at the delivery.
Allen told People that she’d never do it again, and even though she’s not the only one with a nightmare story, she is the only one with a story like this one.

Allen thought she was doing a nice thing by signing on to be the surrogate of a lovely Chinese couple. However, since surrogacy is illegal in China, the couple came all the way to the U.S. in order to find a surrogate for their baby.

Allen had the couple’s single male embryo implanted in her uterus through in-vitro fertilization, and she followed all the rules.

Surrogates are required to take estrogen and progesterone in order to prepare their wombs for successful implantation, and she was careful to follow the instructions of the doctor before and after implantation.
Six weeks into the pregnancy, however, the doctor found something that made Allen concerned.

The doctors found that she was, in fact, carrying two babies in her womb. The doctor explained that the chances of the embryo splitting were very rare, but it can happen.
So, everyone assumed that this was the case, and she was relieved to know that the couple was excited to be getting twins.

She was paid $30,000 plus the expenses for volunteering as a surrogate, and her monthly paychecks increased by $5,000 when it was discovered that she was carrying two babies.

Allan delivered the two babies via C-section on December 12, but she didn’t get to see the babies at the very moment.

She received a visit from the intended mother and she showed her a photo fo the babies on her phone. One of the babies looked full Chinese, she says, but the other one didn’t. So, it was clear that they were not identical, but Allan chose not to ask questions.

Allan returned home to recover after the delivery, and she and her husband used the money she was paid to purchase a new home.

However, Allan received a text from the intended mother about a month later, and it featured a photo of the babies that expressed doubt that one of the babies actually belonged to Allan.
Allan told New York Post that the intended mother asked her if she also thinks they’re not the same, and she asked her if she has thought why they are different?

The babies were subject to a DNA test the following week, and the results were unexpected.
It turned out that one of the babies wasn’t the twin of the implanted embryo, but it was actually the biological son of Allan and her husband. What’s even stranger is that both embryos even had different gestational ages – a medical phenomenon called superfetation.

It’s a phenomenon in which a woman continues to ovulate during pregnancy, and it means that Allan conceived another child in her womb while she had the implanted embryo of the couple inside her.

Allan and her husband were shocked that this happened, thinking that the other couple would just give them their baby.

The Chinese couple decided that they wanted nothing to do with Allen’s baby and they demanded $22,000 in compensation. Allen was also told that someone from the surrogate agency was looking after her son, and she thought that she might lose her son for good, because the agency was allegedly looking for parents to adopt the baby.

Having recently purchased a new home, Allen and her husband had no money, and a caseworker from the agency lined up parents to adopt the baby and “absorb” the money they owed to the Chinese couple.

So, the Chinese couple and the agency wanted Allen to “buy out” or adopt her own son.

Allen and her husband hired an attorney in order to get their son back from the surrogacy agency. Even though the mother doesn’t blame the Chinese couple for the drama, she believes that the agency was manipulating them because they had told them that Allen was trying to sue them.

After a lengthy battle with the Omega Family Global surrogacy agency, Allen and her husband finally owed nothing.
Still, getting her son physically was hard.
The agency kept telling them lies about their son, like the one that they were thinking about giving him up for adoption.

Allen finally got to see her son and hold him in her arms two months later, when a caseworker from Omega handed it back to her in a Starbucks parking lot.

Allen now wants people to hear her story and be cautious with agencies like this one.


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