Syrian Refugee’s Small Falafel Shop Named The “Nicest Place In America”

Syrian Refugee’s Small Falafel Shop Named The “Nicest Place In America”

A falafel shop in Tennessee has been chosen as the “nicest place in America” after Reader’s Digest asked the question of what is the nicest place in America.
Most of the stories we see and hear every day are filled with prejudice, division, and hate, so this surely comes as a welcome surprise.

The list of nominees was almost endless, and it’s very good to see that Yassin’s Falafel house in Knoxville, Tennesee was the one that won.
This story is so special because of the owner, Yassin Terou, who came to Tennessee with his family as Syrian refugees in the pursuit for a better life. Their community accepted them quickly, and they serve very delicious foods and kindness.

Terou’s family arrived in the U.S. back in 2011, and they spoke little to no English, had no friends, and they relied only on their fellow attendees at their local mosque for any food. Yassin eventually started making and selling sandwiches at the local mosque, and it led to him opening his shop.

However, what he didn’t forget was the kindness he had received when he first came to an unknown country and with no understanding of the English language. His goal is to embrace people of all faiths and backgrounds, and he says that it’s his way of paying back the love and acceptance he and his family received when they first arrived in the U.S.
He was very surprised during an appearance on “Good Morning America” when he was told that his shop was in the top 10 finalists of the contests, and he was told in front of the camera that his shop was chosen as the winner in front of an audience of millions of people.

His family also won a state peace award last year, and they will even be the subjects of a documentary that will be produced by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.
“We are going to keep this country great and we are going to build it together.” – Yassin says. And, when you think about it, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


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