Target Unveils Pro-Trans Clothes And Merchandise Ahead of Pride Month

Target Unveils Pro-Trans Clothes And Merchandise Ahead of Pride Month

Pride month is right around the corner, and Target has decided to up its game by selling pro-trans merch and clothes in an inclusive move.
The store chain has collaborated with TomboyX to launch their ‘chest binders’ and ‘packing underwear’, among the other pro-trans clothes.

So, the new gender-affirming products are a part of the PRIDE line, and the sizes will vary from XS to 4XL.

TomboyX is a queer-owned company that designs clothes for LGBTQ+ people, with the largest focus on trans people. Besides TomboyX, Target also collaborates with Humankind, another queer-owned company, and the new products will appear in Target stores by the end of May and early June.

Besides the packing underwear and chest binders, the new line will include underwear, bras, and boyshorts. In addition, Humankind’s line will include various swimsuit styles and compression tops.

According to Target representatives, it’s the first time the retailer has been stocking compression tops in their stores – which is a huge move.

One of the models that modeled the TomboyX collab photos was Mila Myles, a Black, queer, nonbinary writer and standup comedian. She told Bustle that they were all there for an opportunity to feel seen and for someone else to feel seen.

What makes the new line even better is that the products are not priced too high, which makes them accessible for many people. According to the retail store, the Target-TomboyX line will be on sale for around half the price of the higher-end TomboyX equivalents. Talking about the collaboration, Deborah Ryan, Target’s lead buyer for the PRIDE lineup, said that the idea was to work with those who had experience creating products for the queer and trans community.

Source: Upworthy


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