Teacher Comes Under Fire For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Clothes In The Classroom

Teacher Comes Under Fire For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Clothes In The Classroom

It seems like nothing has changed over the years and people are still criticizing what women wear, as it was the case with Paris Monroe, also known as “Teacher Bee”.

She uploaded a series of photos on her Instagram profile some time ago, looking super happy in her classroom. Even though she looks absolutely gorgeous, many people thought that her outfit was inappropriate and there were many negative comments:

“That teacher looks good but her attire is just inappropriate to be teaching a 4th-grade glass. Little boys are pervs by like 2nd grade”.

Twitter users posted her Instagram photos, asking if she dresses inappropriately for her work environment or not.

A lot of people found her outfit to be “way too indecent”.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the real “problem” is not her outfit, but her curvy body.

Also, the fact that Monroe was chosen as the ‘Teacher of the year’ award makes it pretty obvious that she takes her job seriously enough.

Luckily, there were Twitter users to point out that the only “problem” is just a teacher looking great while doing an even greater job. They gave their full support to Monroe, and so do we!

cecilia swanson

Would the school district allow 11-17 year old girls to wear that outfit? If not, then a teacher shouldn’t either.

The only problem are for the for those who are attracted to her and can’t have her, and the ones who want to be her, but can’t be her. She’s doing her job. Children at this age will crush on her, no matter her appearance, but it will be for her heart. Adults are just projecting their own insecurity.

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