Teacher Missed Her Class So Much She Knitted 23 Dolls For Each Of Her Students

Teacher Missed Her Class So Much She Knitted 23 Dolls For Each Of Her Students

Most countries in the world are currently in some form of a lockdown, and even though we’ve heard hundreds of stories from parents who are upset about schools staying closed, they’re not the only ones upset about the current situation. Teachers haven’t met their students for more than two months in many European countries, including the Netherlands, where teacher Ingeborg is from.
In fact, miss Ingeborg missed her students so much that she knitted dolls for each student in her class!
Luckily, the Netherlands has been relatively successful in containing the novel coronavirus, and the country has started to slowly relax the lockdown measures. Schools remain closed, though, so the teacher at Bavinck school in Haalem used all the time she had at home to make dolls for all of her students – no exceptions. She recently told NH Nieuws that she was very upset that the school closed, so it hit her like that because she misses the children so much.

The photos were shared by Facebook group Stuff Dutch People Like, and you can check them out below.

Miss Ingeborg was missing her students while sitting at home and that’s when she saw a knitted doll on Pinterest. Miss Ingeborg didn’t take any lessons to knit dolls and just went about ‘learning on the job.’ She decided to make a knitted doll, each ten centimeters tall, for each of her 23 students. She took roughly 3-4 hours to complete each doll and used her free time at home to make the 23 dolls. The girls at Bavinck school in Haarlem wear cardigans, so she fashioned the dolls wearing cardigans for the girls in her class and sweaters for the boys, much like their uniform in school. Miss Ingeborg didn’t just make 23 dolls, separating them by the gender, but also knitted in the details of each student including glasses, freckles, and scars.

What impressed me the most is the fact that the teacher did not just make 23 dolls, but she also knitted all the details for each student, including scars, freckles, and glasses.

Expectedly, all of her students absolutely LOVED the dolls, so the teacher revealed that she will continue to make them each year for her students, even after the lockdown is over.
Thousands of people on the internet praised the creative and loving teacher for her dedication and craftsmanship, and noted that this is absolutely adorable!


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