Teacher That Was Fired For Sending Selfie While Getting Dressed Sues The School

Teacher That Was Fired For Sending Selfie While Getting Dressed Sues The School

Lauren Miranda is a teacher that took a selfie while getting dressed almost three years ago, and she sent it to her then-boyfriend and no one else.

However, some of her former students got a hold of that selfie (it still remains unknown how), and it got her fired for it.

Even though there were rumors going around the school that one of the older teenage students had gotten his hands on the photo, she wasn’t concerned because she knew she hadn’t sent anything like that to a student, and she had even deleted the photo from her phone.

However, the Principal called her in their office with other staff members, and pulled up the years-old selfie onto his screen and asked her to confirm if it was her.

After they attempted to shame her, she still refused to resign, because she hadn’t sent the photo to a student. Eventually, she was put on leave and was later fired.

Superintendent Joseph Giani questioned Miranda, asking her how he could possibly put her in a classroom full of boys if they can pull out their phones and eventually access a topless image of her. He made no mention of female students or of any of the students ability to easily access images of their male teachers without top body clothes.

Joseph Giani, the superintendent, questioned Miranda, and he asked her how could he possibly put her in a classroom full of boys if they can eventually pull out their phones and access a controversial image of her. So, he later sent her a letter explaining why he opted to fire her.

He stated in the letter that she caused and allowed for an inappropriate photograph of herself to be distributed.

The only problem here was that she only sent the photo to her boyfriend at the time – a teacher in the same school district. However, nobody ever looked into whether he may have saved the photo in his phone, and students have possibly gained access to it.

She was also told in the letter that she transmitted the photo to a colleague, but the problem is that her colleague was her boyfriend, who consented to receive the photo.
There was no investigation into whether he failed to take adequate precautionary measures for the photo.

Yup, totally fair, right?

The teacher is not letting her career go without a fight, though!

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the photo.
The school allows for male teachers to regularly be completely topless while physically in the presence of children in the swimming areas and in the gym.
Second, she has a history as an exemplary teacher, and she had been given top marks and high ranks across the board consistently throughout the years.

She received the highest possible ratings in most categories in 2018, including the level of respect between her and her students.
So, why is a valuable and rare to find teacher fired for something they didn’t even take part in?.

The superintendent told her that she could no longer be considered a role model, but she heavily disagrees with it.
The fact that she’s fighting for her career proves that she is a role model, and she’s standing up for what she believes!

Check out ABC News’ interview with the teacher below, and tell us what you think about the situation in the comments below:


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