Teen Loses Her Life While On A School Trip Because Of Her Tampon

Teen Loses Her Life While On A School Trip Because Of Her Tampon

Sara Manitoski’s family has had an extremely difficult year.

The family lost their 16-year-old daughter while she was on an overnight school trip near Vancouver Island.

It all happened when her friends left for breakfast, thinking that Sara was still sleeping. However, Sara’s phone alarm was still going off when they returned, and they noticed that she wouldn’t wake up. They immediately called paramedics, who attempted CPR, but Sara remained unresponsive.

Now, more than a year later, Sara’s family finally found the answer to what happened on that tragic day.

The coroner’s report says that the Canadian teen suffered from toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a severe bacterial infection caused by leaving in a tampon for too long.

Dee Hoyano, Island Health Medical officer told CTV Vancouver Island that they know a person needs to have this particular bacteria to get sick, and there may be a prolonged tampon use which puts that risk higher for developing a more widespread infection.

Sara’s sister Carli turned to Facebook to warn people about the dangers of TSS in a post:

You should always keep in mind that super-absorbent tampons that are left in for more than eight hours increase the chance of someone getting the bacterial infection.

These are the 10 most common symptoms associated with TSS:


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