Teen Makes Perfect Cinderella Dress For His Prom Date Who Couldn’t Afford One

Teen Makes Perfect Cinderella Dress For His Prom Date Who Couldn’t Afford One

We can all agree that we shouldn’t discuss taste and fashion, but what most of us can probably agree on is that most girls tend to have that Disney-look dream when it comes to their prom (most!).
I mean, the expectations are very high on that day, and everyone wants to look perfect, including Adrianna Rust, a Pendleton Heights senior. She went out looking for her perfect gown to wear to her prom, and she found it, but the price tag left her jar open.

It was then when her best friend and her prom date Parker Smith stepped in, and he made the perfect dress for Adrianna!

Adrianna found her perfect dress, but it was too expensive for her. So, she jokingly asked her prom date to make her prom date and best friend to make it for her.

Parker, however, took that joke quite seriously, and the rest is history.

He started thinking of ways to make her the dress of her dreams, even though he had never sewn anything in his life.

So, he made the sketch for the dress, and started teaching himself how to sew. His grandmother helped him a lot along the way, and he admitted that he ended up redoing parts of the dress a few times just to make them look perfect, but the end result is simply stunning.

He admits that it was quite a journey, but he finished the dress just in time for the ball, and Adrianna couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the dress. Parker tweeted out the beautiful photos of the two on their prom day, and it was all perfect.


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