Teenage Boys Wear Skirts to School to Challenge Dated ‘No Shorts’ Rule

Teenage Boys Wear Skirts to School to Challenge Dated ‘No Shorts’ Rule

Poltair School in St Austell, Cornwall, England practices an outdated uniform policy that says students are not allowed to wear shorts at school. Well, a group of teenage boys have found a creative way around the ‘no shorts’ rule – by wearing skirts to school!

The 15-year-old Adrian Copp and his mates decided to pick up cheap school skirts in protests of the school’s policy, so he and a dozen of his classmates now rock the skirts to school. Namely, they found that there’s a ‘loophole’ in the policy that states that skirts are allowed, but it doesn’t specify who can wear them. So, Adrian asked his mom if she would pick him a skirt, and she did, so he now plans to wear it for the rest of the week.

He said that he finds it a lot cooler, as it’s really uncomfortable to wear pants in the heat.

The boy added that although some teachers thought that they were messing about, others cheered them on.
They were eventually removed from classes and banned for socialization for 24 hours, but they were let go because they couldn’t find anything to pin them on.

Adrian added that they haven’t broken any rules, and they want everyone to have the option to wear shorts in the heat – and that goes for girls too.
His mom Donna said that she backs him up completely for his decision, and believes that boys and girls should be allowed to wear shorts to school.

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Uncovered legs are denied, not shorts. There was once a time when shorts were worn with opaque long stockings or tights.

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