Teenage Girl Suspended For Not Considering Boys’ ‘Hormones’ While Wearing Knee-Torn Jeans

Teenage Girl Suspended For Not Considering Boys’ ‘Hormones’ While Wearing Knee-Torn Jeans

A mom has taken it to Facebook to call out her daughter’s school for their completely bizarre response to her daughter’s torn jeans in a news that you’ll think are from 1968 instead of 2018.

They are literally just jeans with a hole in the knee, but she says that the school forced her daughter to sit in the in-school suspension and was shamed for not being “considerate” of the hormones of her male peers.

Melissa McKinlay, the mayor of Palm Beach County and a mom, shared her “mom rant” about what happened to her daughter on her Facebook page.

She writes that a male administrator came to the classroom in the middle of a quiz in her IB History class and told her she needed to consider the guys in her class and their hormones when choosing her wardrobe. She was yanked out of her class and thrown into the in-school suspension for the remainder of the day.

Yes. Really.
The school decided to put the “hormones” of males above the education of females, and it was all because of a student’s knee.

McKinlay is absolutely right. Teaching emotional teenage girls that what they wear is why things happen to them is part of the patriarchal disease known as ‘r*pe culture’. As we are all aware of, teenage boys are allowed to wear whatever they want to, including gym shorts, and they are allowed to show their two whole knees.

McKinlay is, naturally, enraged that her daughter missed an entire day of classes for something so bizarre.

“A boy’s potential inability to control his hormones warrants my daughter’s inability to attend her classes today and miss valuable curriculum?” – she adds in her rant.

Mary Stratos, the school principal, says that she’s “unfamiliar with the incident”, but that she would investigate the alleged comments to McKinlay’s daughter.

According to her, the school prohibits ripped jeans and other torn clothing.


Are they allowed to wear dresses at this school. Would show a lot more that you knee. Weird

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